Training and movement as a business traveller

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Does this sound familiar?

Long car rides, meetings back to back and besides the conference rooms you did not really see much else. If you are a business traveller this might be part of your daily life. It can be a challenge to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and find the time to do sports or train the way you would like to.

5 efficient methods to stay in motion as business traveller and avoid aching joints

1. Morning routine

Take a few minutes in the morning to start your day with some movement. After sleeping our body needs motion. It does not have to be a crazy intense workout or take long – as little as 5 minutes can make a difference. Check out this inspiration:

2. Movement snacks

This one is about finding several times during your workday to take mini-movement-breaks. They can take 30 seconds or 5 minutes – whatever suits you at that moment.

The only message is: MOVE!

It can be as simple as getting off your chair, doing 5 squats and sitting down again. Taking the walk to the coffee place next door to catch some air rather then using the machine in the office. Another alternative is to set timers into your mobile that reminds you every two hours to move. No idea what to do? Here’s a few suggestions:

- 5 squats + 5 push ups

- Juggle

- 30s deep squat

- Go for a quick walk around the block

- While sitting try to bring your elbows to the ground and stretch your spine

3. Outdoor session

No access to a gym? No problem at all. Here you will find the best spots for an outdoor training. Cologne, London, Paris – no matter where you are. My recommendation to you: try and incorporate a pull and a push exercise for the upper body and a knee-dominant and a hip-dominant exercise for the lower body. Here are some examples:

Upper body

Pull: rows or chin ups

Push: push ups or dips

Lower body

Knee-dominant: squats or lunges

Hip-dominant: hip bridge or single-leg RDLs

4. Quick session “HIT”: clear your mind

If you feel like pushing yourself with a tough workout this is the one for you.

This workout will only take 4 minutes of your time but will bring you to your limits if done right – I promise. Choose an exercise you are familiar with that targets many muscle groups at the same time and will raise your heart right. For example: Squats, burpees, push ups, knees up, boxer’s run...

The programme goes like this: 8 x 20s/10s

Start by going as hard as you can for 20s getting as many reps in as possible. Take 10s of rest (preferably active by walking around). Repeat for 8 rounds.

5. Quick session “Mobility”

If you feel really tired after a long day and have absolutely no motivation for a tough workout that is really OK.

If you still would like to move a bit the mobility routine is for you. Watch, participate and mobilise all your joints:

If you feel like you need a more personalised support - specifically tailored to your needs - feel free to reach out and send me an e-mail:

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