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My Journey:

In my youth I played soccer competitively for a number of years. Like so many others I wanted to become a pro one day. However, many injuries (and potentially a lack of talent) queered my pitch.

For two years I suffered from a knee injury and consulted with many people: physios, osteopaths, orthopaedic doctors – nobody could tell me exactly what was going on. Eventually, with the help of a chiropractor in a process over several months I managed to get rid of my pain and fully recover. Continuous treatment with the chiropractor and specific strength training helped me to rehabilitate my knee. But the decision was made – I quit soccer.

To stop playing the sport that I lived for was super tough for me in the beginning. Retrospectively, I can say this decision initiated the start of a new chapter and was the foundation of what I am as a coach today. Upon quitting soccer, I started to dive deeply into a variety of sports and disciplines: martial arts, handbalancing, parkour, triathlon, locomotion, different forms of strength training und much more.

The insights I got in the many settings allowed me to extensively expand my movement horizon. I now look at sports and movement with a different pair of lenses, I see connections and understand how the dancer can learn from the martial artist and vice versa.

This mix, based on sound scientific principles that I acquired during my studies, paired with the experiences I made first as a competitive athlete and later as a movement enthusiast (inspired by Ido Portal), allows me to help you achieve your goals if:

  • You are an athlete and want to get faster/stronger/more powerful in your sport

  • You want to recover from an injury and regain trust in your body

  • If you are a just a normal person, without the ambition to win an Olympic title, but with the inner urge to experience more than just the typical stuff from the fitness center next door


That is why I say:

pursue more than just fitness. train smart. move well.

My Mission:

Create meaningful change.

To me, it is not about coaching professional athletes exclusively. I can as easily get thrilled by helping a 72-year-old woman to climb stairs with ease again or to create an environment for the stressed CEO to get his thoughts off work and do something good for his body and mind.


Similarly, I do not care about your skill level or training age. If there is a will to walk a path you have my fullest attention and support. I would like to paraphrase my peer and friend Lassi Laakso, S&C Coach of Hockey Club Lugano, who once said something along the lines of:  “I will meet you where you are and then we see how far we can go”


Another very important aspect to me professionally and personally is to never stop learning! I will always try to work on my weaknesses. Strive for environments – physically, academically, socially, psychologically – that will challenge me, broaden my horizon, get me out of my comfort zone and bring the next bit of knowledge that can make me a better person and coach than yesterday.

      Philip Jacobs

Formal education

After completing my bachelor’s degree at the German Sport University in Cologne, I decided to take on a new challenge and start my master’s degree “Strength & Conditioning” in London (UK) to learn from coaches who are among the best in the world in their field.

Gaining more knowledge in sportphysiotherapy helps me to build a bridge between training and rehabilitation allowing me to also support my injured clients and athletes.


  • BSc Sports Science, German Sports University Cologne

  • MSc Strength & Conditioning, St. Mary's University, London Twickenham (in progress)


  • Certified FRC Mobility Specialist (FRCms)

  • Sportsphysiotherapy, spt education (in progress)